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A short description of the courses I teach or have taught at Tulane University.

Artificial Intelligence Tools (DATA-2150)

This course, first offered in the spring semester of 2024 gives students hands-on experience with the latest in artificial intelligence technologies, including ChatGPT 4, Microsoft Copilot, and Google Gemini. It covers the practical applications of AI in collecting, generating, transforming, analyzing, and communicating information for personal and professional tasks. The course is informed by principles of experiential learning, a flipped classroom model, and frequent low-stakes in-class testing. The full name of the course is “Applied Generative Artificial Intelligence”.

Management of New Ventures (MGMT-4610)

In Management of New Ventures, students work in teams to evaluate, develop, and communicate business ideas, utilizing data analysis and leveraging connections in the local startup ecosystem. The course aims to provide a theoretical and practical framework for understanding and managing new ventures, incorporating personal entrepreneurial experiences to instill an entrepreneurial mindset among students.

Global Business Projects (MGMT-6150)

Global Business Projects was a graduate-level course where student teams developed international expansion strategies for clients using data analysis and data-driven decision-making. The course included guest speakers from local industries and visits to significant business locations in New Orleans, aiming to give students practical insights into global business operations. It was mainly offered to Professional MBA (PMBA) students.

Global Leadership I (MGMT-6510) &

Asia – Global Leadership IV (MGMT-6540)

These courses were part of the Master of Management and MBA programs, respectively, focusing on global leadership challenges and strategies. In addition to class meetings they included travel to either India or China, offering students immersive learning experiences that combined academic study with real-world international exposure.