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Comparison of the smartest AI models and tools

Last updated April 9.

This is my comparison of  AI models and tools that are considered to be on a similar level as ChatGPT GPT-4, which has been considered the gold standard since it was launched in March of 2023. Only recently have other companies than OpenAI released AI models that have similar levels of intelligence as GPT-4. 

Short version: GPT4 is still best because of all the functions beyond just text in and out, but I find myself using Claude 3 and Gemini 1.5 almost as much.

Note that if you use the free ChatGPT you are not using GPT-4, but the much weaker GPT 3.5. You really shouldn’t! If you insist on only using free versions of AI you should use Claude 3 and Gemini 1.5 (while it is still free), or at least Microsoft Copilot.

AI Resources

Features OpenAI ChatGPT-4 (Paid) Google Gemini Advanced/Ultra (Paid) Anthropic Claude 3 Opus (Paid) Microsoft Copilot (Free) Inflection 2.5/ (Free) Gemini 1.5 Pro (Free For Now)
Context Window 8,000 tokens Unclear 200,000 tokens 32,000 tokens Unclear 1 million tokens
Input Formats Text, Speech, Images, Files Text, Speech, Images, Limited Google Drive Text, Images, Files Text, Speech, Images, Files Text, Speech Text, Images, Files, Video, Audio
Output Formats Text, Speech, Images, Files, Links Text, Speech, Images Text Text, Speech, Images Text, Speech Text
Internet Access Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Customization Custom Instructions, Custom GPTs, GPT Sharing/Store No No Some users have this One long chat No
Code Execution Yes Claimed, but without files No Some users have this No No
Integrations No Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Gmail No Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) No No
Usage Limits 40 messages/3 hours No Yes 4000 characters per message No No
Knowledge Cutoff Date December 2023 No August 2023 December 2023 No No
Conclusion Still best overall, but the small context window is a serious limitation. Still surprisingly underwhelming. Can use Google Search to confirm output. Google also has NotebookLM that works with several very large documents Surprisingly good! Will hopefully get some customization options soon. The free version is very good too. The best of these for tasks that involve searching for information from websites etc. Now runs a better version of GPT4 than ChatGPT. Very good free version. Appears to be a great choice when mainly looking for a conversation partner and not help with complex tasks. Free! Significantly better than Gemini 1 Ultra and the 1M token context window is amazing. For now it is even free!


Context Window: The amount of data the AI model can work with at the same time, you can think of it as short term memory. More is better!

Tokens: AI models break down words into smaller parts called tokens. A rule of thumb is that 1000 tokens is around 750 words.

Internet Access: Some AI models can access data from the Internet for you while others can’t. Microsoft Copilot is the best of the tools in this table at this, but if your main purpose is searching for something online I recommend using Perplexity.AI.

Customization: You can give some AI tools information you always want it to have, for example what you do and what your main interests are.

Code Execution: The ability for an AI tool to use another tool to execute code to do things for you.

Knowledge Cutoff Date: Anything that has happened after this date is unknown to the AI model unless you inform it or it can access the Internet.