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New Orleans AI Workshops

How to get valuable and accurate results when working with AI tools:

AI tools like ChatGPT can help you do amazing things when you know how to use it: Things you otherwise couldn’t do as well couldn’t do as quickly couldn’t do at all or didn’t even know could be done!

The best way to master AI tools is by first learning the basic principles of how AI works and general best practices for prompting and then practicing using AI tools to perform different types of tasks related to your expertise or interests.

Based on my experience designing and teaching Tulane’s Artificial Intelligence Tools course I’ve developed a 3-module New Orleans AI workshop that teaches how to get valuable and accurate results when using AI to acquire, generate, transform, and analyze information.

The New Orleans AI workshops are in-person workshops for small groups and individuals so that I can personalize the learning to the experience and interest of each participant. I recommend either one 3-hour AI workshop session or two sessions of 2 hours. Contact me for more information!

New Orleans AI Workshops Knud Berthelsen New Orleans AI Expert


Mastering AI:  Personalized Practical AI Workshops

An Introduction to AI (30 minutes)

  • How AI models use probability to generate output
  • How AI models are limited by their attention span
  • How AI models are limited by biased data training and tuning
  • Best practices for prompting AI models

An Introduction to the most important current AI tools (30 minutes)

  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT
  • Anthropic’s Claude
  • Microsoft’s Copilot
  • Google’s Gemini

Demonstrations and guided hands-on-practice of AI tasks (1-2 hours)

  • Information tasks (like answering questions and finding articles)
  • Generation tasks (like writing something or helping with ideas)
  • Transformation task (like summarizing a long text or reformatting it)
  • Analysis tasks (like understanding a complex text or a data set)
  • Cooperative tasks (like an AI assistant that does your repetitive boring tasks)
  • Custom task based on participant needs and interests